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Starfiles is a free service that allows users the ability to store their files online and share them easily. Starfiles is a file hosting solution where users can upload files to lower their disk usage on their local devices.



3.0: This occurs when you try to download a file that isn't in the database.

3.1: This occurs when you open a download link that isn't linked to a file.


4.0: Transfer - This is a server issue, try re-uploading the file.

4.1: Error - This is usually caused by an upload taking too long or a server-side error, try again soon.

4.2: Abort - This error is caused by your device. This can happen for many reasons. Some common causes are if the upload cancelled and if the device has no internet.

If an error persists, please contact me Twitter.

Developer Tools and API

Starfiles powers your favourite file hosting platforms.

Why use Starfiles developer tools?

- Starfiles developer tools makes operating and developing file hosting platforms easy.
- Starfiles developer tools are accountless and completely free to set up.
- With Starfiles developer tools, you don't have to worry about; server security, file protection, high server costs, bandwidth and storage limitations and much more!

Setup and Installation

To make your own file hosting platform here is the latest API:

Download v1.3

Manual/Advanced API

Advanced developer tools are in works. Check back soon. Follow me on Twitter to find out as soon as it is released.


This is a list of every person and website who helped make Starfiles what it is. Thank you, seriously, Starfiles wouldn't be what it is now without your help.

Parsa Yazdani (Quix)

Hi! I'm Parsa. I own Starfiles and made 95% of it. I made Starfiles in 2017, when I was 12 years old. It has always been a passion project. The few ads I put here don't even make me $1 a month, although Starfiles gets hundreds of uploads a day. I run Starfiles at a loss.



W3schools is an amazing tool for people of all skill levels. When Starfiles first started, it was based off their demonstration.


Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an amazing platform to help with troubleshooting. When facing issues, this has been my number one "go to".



Simon is an amazing graphic designer. He started design in 2018, yet his work is amazing. He is a truly talented designer. Simon has designed the main Starfiles logo, along with certain icons and images used in Starfiles.



John is a talented security researcher. He has found many vulnerabilities in Starfiles and reported them in a timely manner.