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WEN ETA Ancient is founded by me. We are a team that is experimenting with the limits of signing. We are challenging the idea of software not being possible to install after Apple unsigns it.

About Me
QuixD3V Logo

Hi! I'm Quix.

I hope you enjoy your time on my website. You may have noticed my logo above. That's actually fan art, shoutout to Entity! I am a 13 year old developer.

Here are some dot points about me:
- I love programming
- I know html, css, php, js and allot more
- Web developing is my favourite, but I still enjoy native
- I have been programming since I was 9
- I am happy to help anyone with their project
- I was NSW's 3rd fastest Speed Skater in the IRNSW
- I have been offered to work for an upcoming podcast platform
- I have had multiple offers by various people to buy my projects


Too lazy to scroll up? So was my developer. Thats why he made me.

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